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Isis Interview

Isis is the female model we worked with to imagine Celina, the heroine of Irena Genesis Metal Fury. We had the honor and the pleasure of meeting her for a while to...
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New Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter Demo Update coming soon!

The White Ninja Studio team is glad to announce that a new Irena Genesis Metal Fury's demo update will be available soon! We have made many improvements to provide you...
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Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter Hi-Score Contest

For the last week of the Kickstarter, we're happy to announce that we're start a contest where you can win one of three special Irena Genesis Metal Fury t-shirts...
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Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter demo update now available!

To give you a preview of Irena Genesis Metal Fury, we have made a playable demo available and the White Ninja Studio team would like to thank everyone who took the...
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Kickstarter 100% completed for Irena Genesis Metal Fury

We are happy and proud to announce that thanks to your participation the Kickstarter campaign was funded in less than 6 days! Since its launch, there are now more...
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Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter is now available!

Welcome to the next level! If you're looking for a new action game on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, you'll be glad to hear that Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter...
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