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Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter is now available!

Welcome to the next level! If you're looking for a new action game on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, you'll be glad to hear that Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter...
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Irena Genesis Metal Fury Update

It's been several months since we announced the upcoming Kickstarter campaign that our team has been working towards every day! As you probably know, White Ninja...
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RedKeas Interview

RedKeas is our concept artist and is currently working on Irena Genesis Metal Fury for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. Thanks to her talents and drawing expertise, she...
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Deployment of a new server and a new version of our site

The White Ninja Studio team is very pleased to announce the deployment of our new virtual server after stepping away from OpenVZ technology in favor of OpenStack. In...
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Kickstarter campaign coming soon for Irena Genesis Metal Fury

For several months, the White Ninja team worked on the prototype of Irena Genesis Metal Fury; a shoot'em up with horizontal scrolling for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive....
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Irena Genesis Metal Fury - Dev Blog #1 : The Tile Engine

After publishing the prototype demo of Irena Genesis Metal Fury on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, we continued to develop the game with the goal of creating a new demo...
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