What we do

Making brand new games

We are creating great brand new action games for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive using the SGDK Development kit with our custom tools.

Port existing retro games

We are able to port many games on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive or modern systems.

Making prototype games

We can quickly create prototype games for concept or demonstration running on the hardware.

What we are

White Ninja Studio is independent video games developer for old video game systems marketed in 80s. Our games are primarily developed for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, a console that still very popular by many retrogaming fans. Its hardware allows us to create very fun action games with beautiful graphics and very good sound quality.

We are able to create new games, port existing games to other retro or modern systems, and make prototypes for demonstration or example. To made our games on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, we use the SGDK development kit by Stephanne Dallongeville with tools that we have created internally to leverage our engines and allow us to work more efficiently.

Our team is fully mobilized in order to create great brand new video games of while respecting the game industry codes in 80s and systematically release a physical edition in the world. Because we are passionate about retrogaming, we bring a lot importance to the players satisfaction by providing them with games that correctly exploit the potential of each system in terms of visuals, audio and gameplay.

Our ninja team




Graphic designer


Concept artist


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