Prototype demo of Irena Genesis Metal Fury is available

To give you an idea and judge our work on Irena Genesis Metal Fury, we have developed in a few months a prototype demo available for free download. This demo allows to play the stage 3 until a mini boss. It's possible to adjust the player's lives and credits to progress smoothly. At startup, a quick how-to shows you how the game works. To play with the demo prototype, it's necessary to have an SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive (or a clone) with an EverDrive on which you can copy the ROM. If you have a clone like the MegaSG, you will need to use a flash cart. You can also enjoy the demo on an emulator. We advise you RetroArch, Regen or Kega Fusion that we tried during the tests. Nevertheless know that the experience is better on Mega Drive and MegaSG