Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter demo update now available!

To give you a preview of Irena Genesis Metal Fury, we have made a playable demo available and the White Ninja Studio team would like to thank everyone who took the time to try it and sent us their feedback, postive or negative.

We've decided to take your feedbacks into consideration in order to improve the demo with a new update that you can download now!

This update come with many improvements in order to give you a better experience and you will be happy to know that we have removed the nebula for an more detailed background where you can see an asteroid field on the horizon and the atmosphere of the planet Xellia. 


Admire the view! But stay focused in action, because the gameplay has undergone a few tweaks to give you more challenge while carefully balancing the game difficulty.

In fact, the time has been reduced by 3 minutes and the second part has undergone changes with some narrow passages removed.

Now, the Rayden get an extra life and no longer loses all of its weapon's upgrades after its destruction.

You will certainly be happy to know that we have added a "QR CODES" menu accessible from the options screen to allow you to access our Kickstarter page as well as the Megascore and White Ninja websites directly from your smartphone.

We are aware that despite this major update, it remains difficult to satisfy all various player profiles, but we hope that a big part of you will appreciate the changes we maded.

To allow you to send us your feedback directly, we have made a form on our site accessible from this address:

Of course, we will continue to read all of your comments with the greatest care.

The White Ninja Studio team