Irena Genesis Metal was at the RGC 2019

Last week, we traveled across France from Toulouse to Meaux, a city 1 hour away from Paris, for the famed RGC 2019 (Retro Gaming Connexion) a convention for meeting developers and retro video gaming fans

We officially introduced Irena Genesis Metal Fury, which was playable on SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive and Genesis/Mega Drive II. We displayed our latest progress and development tools to the public with a first level concept that takes place in space as we approach the planet Xellia.

The RGC is a great place to meet other developers and retrogaming enthusiasts. We immediately sympathized with the expert Senyuki who managed to run the prototype demo of Irena Genesis Metal Fury on PlayStation 2. We had a great moment to testing our game on this console.

New colors !

If you enjoyed the graphic quality of Irena Genesis Metal Fury's prototype demo, you will surely be glad to know that we have decided to remake the sea level with new GFX and new colors in order to get a more Mega Drive style. You can visualize a preview of the screen graphic rendering with this picture. The level will get a new scrolling for the clouds and one map in addition to the sea background.

We also started working on the first level by trying to decrease the tiles number in VRAM. The level will contain several planes with different scrolling modes and a space station map. To exploiting all Mega Drive palettes, we made a tool to use 64 colors on a single plane against 16 in most games. In this picture you can see the tiles number we have planned to use and a level concept.


Because we want to create a shmup with a real story to tell you, we have developed a functional cinematics engine and established several concepts for the opening sequence that will begin after start the console and will showed just before the title screen. During the game, we planned to insert several cinematics as a transition screen between levels. On this image, you can see a concept of the Emperor Zerox.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to show the whole our work progress during the presentation on stage, but we will publish soon various articles and videos on this subject. We special thanks all people who took the time to meet us on our stand and all people who organized this great event. We hope to be present next year with more time to present our game to the public.

If you are interested in the RGC, you can find more informations on the official website and on the Yaronet forum.