Kickstarter campaign coming soon for Irena Genesis Metal Fury

For several months, the White Ninja team worked on the prototype of Irena Genesis Metal Fury; a shoot'em up with horizontal scrolling for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. Before seriously starting the game development, we published a free demo on June 19, 2019 to allow you try our prototype and give us your precious feedback. Thanks to the community support and the many favorable opinions, our team has defined new objectives to achieve in order to create a new game that will satisfy both fans of shoot'em up and SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive.

Because we are big retrogaming fans, we really want to create a brand new quality game corresponding to the standards of the time thanks to the possibilities offered by the SGDK development kit and the technical specifications of the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. This is a real challenge which consequently obliges us to prepare a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to devote ourselves fully to the Irena Genesis Metal Fury development and to ensure its production in physical edition once completed.

In preparation for the Kickstarter campaign, we have been developing a new demo which now allows you to experience the all new exciting first level of the game where your mission is to attack a space station! Compared to our prototype demo, there will be more content, new graphics, different scrolling, destructible elements, additional weapons and many other things that you will discover at the launch of the Kickstarter campaign! This official demo will give you a broader view into the game design and all of the work accomplished since the prototype development.

In addition to the basic rewards which will get you the game in its digital version (which you can use on the emulator of your choice), we will offer you five additional rewards ranging from the metal core edition including the complete game (cartridge with box and user manual) up to the collector's box which will come with a multitude of goodies for the pleasure of fans and collectors. There will be plenty of physical cartridges in stock so that we can get the physical edition of Irena Genesis Metal Fury to as any of our fans as possible!

No specific date has yet been scheduled, but the campaign is expected to open by March or April. We hope that many of you will support the project by participating in this next campaign on Kickstarter in order to give us the means to reach our goals and other games in the future if successful. For more information, please don't hesitate to follow the White Ninja Studio and Irena Genesis Metal Fury accounts on social networks where information on the development progress is regularly shared.

The whole White Ninja team thanks you for your support and your interest in this future game on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. We hope that you will enjoy our new demo of Irena Genesis Metal Fury and that many of you will finance this project.