New Irena Genesis Metal Fury's Kickstarter Demo Update coming soon!

The White Ninja Studio team is glad to announce that a new Irena Genesis Metal Fury's demo update will be available soon! We have made many improvements to provide you a better experience by considering all of your feedback.

The level has a new level design and several game-play adjustments to make the action more intense with progressive difficulty. Beware, because the enemies are now more numerous, faster, and shoot in the direction of the Rayden MG-323!

To help you practice, we've added a cheat mode that can be accessed from the title screen with a key combination. This cheat mode allows you to add extra lives/credits and choose the starting weapon. In the final version and the Kickstarter's demo for investors, it will be possible to choose one of the available levels. Keep in mind, using cheat mode will prevent you from saving your new high score in memory and on Megascore.

A new starfield background has been added to make the second part of the level more visually appealing, and we have also updated many elements to be more consistent with the graphic style. Now enemies use a new color palette and have a more pronounced blink color to make the feeling of impact easier.

A QR Code is now displayed on the cockpit screen to make it easier for you to register your new high score on Megascore and the "Highscore Password" screen is now accessible directly from the options menu. We are currently working on other improvements, and we hope that this new version will satisfy many players.

We also started to work on level 2 with a scrolling cloud background, which you can see in this video below.

The White Ninja Studio team would like to thank all backers who made the Kickstarter campaign a success. We will be back very soon to show you new features and our progress on the project.

Stay tuned!